The Milkman E Juice Sweet Mint Nicotine Salt

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A bold departure for The Milkman, Sweet Mint Nicotine Salt is a lively spearmint e-liquid that tastes like chewing a stick of gum and has the same delightful cooling effect on the throat.  Nicotine Salt Infused E-Liquids are only to be used with pod systems and other devices specifically designed for Nic Salts.

If you are in those days when you are looking to be revitalized with an e juice then search no further, because the Milkman E Juice Sweet Mint Nicotine Salt exactly does that.  With every puff you get a taste that is purely analogous to the taste of freshly picked peppermint leaves. On inhalation the peppermint taste mellows your taste buds out. As its vapor travel across the plate the mint flavor intensifies further. As you exhale you get its natural sweetness.

Additional information

Bottle Size

30 ML

Nicotine Level

40 MG




Spearmint, Menthol

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