There’s a growing conversation about food; we want to know what we are eating, whether it’s healthy, where it comes from, who made or grew it, and if it’s sustainable. The food-consciousness movement is a powerful force, and we feel it needs a creative outlet. We’ve chosen film as a vehicle to carry our discussion forward, and will offer San Francisco’s first Food and Farm Film Fest.

We include both food and farming in our festival, as neither is complete without the other, and hope to offer films in all styles on all subjects, from around the world. As a festival focused on food would not be complete without a few tasty bites, we asked local chefs to create food pairings for each day’s films.

The festival will take place in San Francisco. Festival proceeds will support Three Squares, a San Francisco-based non-profit that offers nutrition and cooking classes in low-income communities, and works to increase access to healthy, affordable food throughout the Bay Area.

The Food & Farm Film Fest offers a place for the food and art worlds of San Francisco to collide. We’re in this to have fun, as well as ask tough questions about our food system. We want this festival to be a celebration of food and farming and film, as well as a challenge to our ideas about how we think about food and farms. The result will be delicious and entertaining, and we hope to see you at the theater.

Food and farm films.